The Santa Klaus Murder By Mavis Doriel Hay

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So I bought this book just before Christmas, intending to read it over the Christmas Holiday period as it has a festive theme to it. I've only just got round to reading it though as my Christmas Holiday was mainly spent trying to keep Bosun from jumping onto Rick's Granny's lap and licking her to death. Yah. Fun times.
I have not put any spoilers in this review so feel free to read on to decide whether or not you'd like to read it. (I suggest you do!)

I am a massive fan of the classic "Who-dunnit". Although I can persuade myself to read a crime thriller every now and again, I much prefer the whole who-dunnit genre. I like there to be a murder victim, four or five suspects with a motive, and a detective who brings everyone together to tell them all how clever he was in solving the murder. Chuck an affair and a dodgy will in there, and you have yourself a good read!
This book ticks all those boxes. The story is set on a country estate owned by Sir Osmond Melbury in 1935. He is a stickler for tradition and insists that the whole family gather every Christmas for celebrations. This particular Christmas, Sir Osmond wants to put together a surprise for the children and so orders a Santa Klaus outfit and asks one of his guests to dress up and hand out presents from the Christmas tree. After the presents have all been handed out, Sir Osmond retires to his study to await a phone call. But when Santa Klaus goes back into the study to tell Sir Osmond that he's finished his duties, he finds that Osmond Melbury has been murdered!! Duh Duh Duh!!!
On first appearances, all evidence points to Santa Klaus as he was the only guest with the opportunity to do the crime but later on as the story unfolds, it turns out that there were two Santa Klaus outfits! 
(I know I said I had no spoilers, but this is written on the back of the I didn't spoil it first!)
So the big question is, WHODUNNIT?

What I really like about this book is that it's written in the form of statements from the family which makes the story a bit different. 
The thing that irked me a little bit was the spoiler on the back. I feel like there would have been a massive moment in the book where you're shocked by the fact that there's two Santa Klaus's if I hadn't already read it on the back. But that's just me. When Mavis was writing this in the 1930s, I don't think they really did cover blurbs so it's not really her fault.

So over-all I can thoroughly recommend this book. It's not got a psychotic mad-man who kidnaps and tortures his victims so if you like that sort of thing, this book probably will not float your boat. But if you're into Agatha Christie-esque type novels then this will fit very nicely onto your bookshelf.

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  1. I received this very book in my Christmas stocking and loved it!! I began it on boxing day!A great book! Did you guess whodunnit? I did and I have to say, guessing correctly 'who dun it' is one of my greatest joys in life!!Xx

    1. No I was completely off in my guess!! I'm usually pretty good at guessing but maybe it's the sign of a good author that keeps us guessing :-)


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