Wellington Boot Roundup

Welcome to my first Country Fashion round-up!
I had a brain wave a few weeks ago when I was searching for a new pair of wellies (I am rarely seen in any sort of footwear apart from wellies) Sadly, my old wellies had got a split in the heel and been filled with water during those torrential downpours that the UK experienced. I proceeded to go on the epic hunt for a good pair of ladies wellies that I experience roughly once every two years, trawling through different sites comparing prices and reviews etc... I find it so annoying having hundreds of tabs open on my browser and having to keep clicking between.
What if these comparisons were all in the same place? Hence This Country Girl's Journal Wellie Roundup! I shall attempt to include all information needed for you all (and myself!)so you can compare and make an informed decision about which pair of wellies will be the next to grace your feet.
Righty Ho...Let's begin
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1. Le Chameau - Chasseur

Ahhhh yes...Le Chameau. A classic. The Chasseur is the go-to boot for many a country man and woman up and down the UK and beyond. It is leather lined for comfort and features a full length zip which makes it an easy boot to slip on and off. It is available in black or green and is 100% water proof...as you would expect a wellington boot to be. It is definitely at the top of the wellie boot price range but is totally worth it with regards to durability, reliability and comfort.
Average price: £340

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2. Hunter - Balmoral Classic

This boot is definitely a bit more affordable. This boot is really versatile and can be worn for shooting, walking, hunting or just kicking around the stable yard mucking out. It can put up with a lot of abuse and my own Balmorals lasted for about 3 years of being worn nearly every day. It features a clever side gusset that makes the whole boot generally more flexible. The Balmoral was Hunter's first seriously technical boot and since then they have been producing some fantastic variations (also worth a look). My favourite feature of this boot that you don't tend to see very often is the kick off spur on the heel. This is the first place that wellies tend to weaken because your automatic reaction when taking them off is to use your toe to push down on your other heel (if that makes sense). This boot has a clever little knob that strengthens this area and hopefully prevents splitting! A little cracker!
Average Price: £100

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3. Seeland - Estate Vibram 18 inch

Now according to the listings, this is actually usually about 16 or 17 inches tall in the smaller sizes. But that's ok, I'm sure that's acceptable. This boot is finished off at the top with a leather trim and has an adjustable strap which is great because although I do a lot of walking, I swear my calves are tiny! Although I investigated the Vibram sole, it's also available with Seeland's own AT sole and is ALSO available in Neoprene! I do love a bit of Neoprene living up here in Northumberland! I have never actually personally worn a Seeland Wellie, but I do know the Seeland brand well as I do have many items of clothing by them and would totally give these a try.
Average Price: £120

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4. Aigle - Parcours

My first thought on these wellies is "Wow!" These are absolutely beautiful! Then I read about them and I was even more like "wow!" They feature anti-fatigue technology. And I will admit that I had to google that to find out what it is, I am thoroughly impressed. Anti-fatigue basically means that these wellies feature tri-density rubber soles that allow you to walk further and work harder without your legs getting tired! Fantastic! Not only that, but they are neoprene lined which means your feet will keep toasty warm. You know how I love a bit of neoprene! Fitted ankles and adjustable straps mean that you can fit them firmly to your feet which is also great. Mid-range in price...These are on their way to being a winner.
Average Price: £170

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5. Jack Pyke - Countryman

I have a big soft spot for Jack Pyke. I currently already own Jack Pyke hats, gloves and Hunters boots (see instagram pictures) and love them all! So I was very excited to see that they also do wellies! Woohoo! These boots feature that kick off spur that I loved so much with the Balmorals. They have a full length water proof zip and are...wait for it...neoprene lined! Yess! We love the neoprene! Very affordable and capable of dealing with all sorts of terrains. Crack on Jack!
Average Price: £60

Well there we have it chaps and chappesses, my first country fashion roundup. I sincerely hope that it helps at least one of you out there make a decision on which boots you are going to purchase. I will let you all know my decision very soon! I will then do a full review once I have tried and tested my new purchase.

I hope to do some more country fashion roundups in the future, if there is something in particular that you would like to see then leave a comment and I'll see what I can do!

I did not take the pictures I have used on this post, each picture is linked to its source.

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  1. Oooh,they're quite pricey! I like the ones with the special triple layer and antifatigue-sounds great. I've only had bellies that are more ones you buy in town, ie cheaper, probably not v durable!

    1. I literally live in wellies day in day out as part of my job and all my hobbies so I have to have a really durable pair. I'm not a wellie snob but I'm afraid with wellies, it's very much a case of you get what you pay for. I do have a couple of pair of cheap dunlops for in the garden though. There's a time and a place for all kinds of wellies! xx

  2. just found you via Kezzie. Wanted to say that my darling late F-I-L bought me a pair of Scottish made Hunters back in 1990 and I am still wearing them.

  3. I have bought and loved Aigle in the past but Hunter's have long been my favourite. My current pair are due for replacement having lasted about 10 years although I do not wear them as much as you! I'll await your review but a thinking that I may try the Jack Pyke. Thnaks for an interesting blog.


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