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Hi there and hello everybody! Today we are saying hello to Rhianna...

1. So tell us about your blog, how did you come up with your blog's name and what inspired you to start blogging?

I did a year out of uni doing a work placement and needed something to fill up my evenings! I'd read blogs for YEARS but never even thought of starting my own, so I thought I'd give it a shot. It's the single best thing I ever did! My blog name is a bit of a complicated one and we have a bit of a love/hate relationship haha! My blog is called 'robowecop' and that is because my first name is Rhianna, my middle name is Olivia and my surname is Bowe. Together, that makes R O Bowe. r-o-bowe sounds like 'robo' so I just added the cop on the end! (So it's pronounced like 'robocop' the movie!) I go through phases of hating it because I have to explain it to EVERYONE I introduce to my blog which is a real pain, but it's super unique and personal as well so it's not all bad!

2. I'm a relatively new follower of yours. The first post of yours to catch my eye was your post on body confidence. What do you think is the biggest factor in loss of body confidence today and what can we do to improve it?

I'm SO proud of that post and it's had such an amazing reception! I was really surprised (and a little saddened) by how many people related to it, but it also made me feel really happy that I'm not alone! I think the problem with body confidence nowadays is due to a LOT of different factors and it's hard to pinpoint one reason. The media plays a massive part, obviously. Everyone always says that it's the fault of the fashion industry/magazines/models etc etc etc and as much as I think they're partly at fault, I think body image and confidence is such a personal thing that it's everyone's own battle. I don't struggle with body confidence because people in magazines are thin, I struggle with body confidence because I USED to be slim and now I'm not. So it's all well and good blaming the media, but I don't think they're the only issue here.

3. So you live in Leeds. This is a part of the world I have never been to. Tell us something great about Leeds, is there fantastic restaurant somewhere we should all visit when we're in the area? Or some fantastic attraction?

Leeds is AMAZING. I mean, sure, I'm totally biased because I was born and raised here, but it's so flipping good. I honestly can't even tell you just one restaurant to go to because the food scene has completely exploded over the past couple of years meaning that the problem I always have is "where do we go to eat? THERE ARE TOO MANY PLACES TO DECIDE ON JUST ONE!" My absolute favourite thing about Leeds, though, is it's location. You're in a gorgeous, fairly big city with everything you need and yet you're only a 10 minute train ride away from gorgeous countryside. Yorkshire is the BOMB.

4. If you could choose any animal in the entire world (let's just assume for a minute that it will be house-trainable) as a pet, what animal would you choose and why? Seriously like any animal...shark, koala, coyote...anything.

Elephants are my favourite animals so I would say elephant. But maybe a baby elephant for size/practicality reasons. They're such amazing animals if I could drop everything and go work at an elephant sanctuary I 100% would. No regrets. Not even one letter.

5. If a film was made that was loosely based on your life, what would it be called? And who would play your main character?

OOOOO. Oh bollocks, right. It would be called "I don't know what I'm doing and I have no money". Although that's not really very catchy, is it? Maybe something more hipster and minimal like "Broke 20s" or something. I'd like to fantasise that I would be played by someone super hot like Margot Robbie or Rachel McAdams but it would probably be someone a little bit awkward and funny like Amy Schumer or someone. OH MY GOD. NO. I DEMAND I am played by Amy Poehler because she is queen. Even though she's in her mid 40s, not her mid 20s.

6. Do you have an ultimate dream or goal that you are aiming towards in life and would you care to share it with us? For example mine is to eventually run my own herd of beef cattle (specifically red devons if you're interested).

BEEF CATTLE? Ah man that's so much better than my goals, I LOVE that. I always split my goals into categories so, for example, career, life, relationships and family. One of my short term goals is to move out of my boyfriend's parent's house because oh wow do I miss having my own place. My long-term career goal is to take my blog/YouTube channel full time and I don't care how cliche that is! But my main goal in every single aspect of my life is to be happy. As long as I'm happy doing whatever I'm doing, that's fine with me! And if I'm not happy in any aspect of my life, I know I need to change it and reevaluate my goals because why bother doing something that doesn't make you happy?

Thankyou very VERY much Rhianna for agreeing to be a part of my Say Hello Series! Doesn't Rhianna just have the most beautiful smile?! Also, she does a killer flat lay.

Rhianna's blog is called Robowecop; she writes about beauty, fashion, food and all sorts really. Click on over and give her some love. (Also...don't tell Rhianna but I've developed a secret little girl crush on her. She's very cool)

Would you like to be interviewed for this series? You can contact me via email at

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  1. She sounds really lovely and interesting! I will go and say Hi!x

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    was born and raised here, but it's so flipping good


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