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So I am now three weeks into my water challenge. If this my first water challenge post that you've read then catch up here, here and here.

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  • My Skin continues to amaze me. My skin is in such a fantastic condition I genuinely cannot believe it. You know, all my life I have been using moisturisers and cleansers and toners and facial scrubs and masks and all sorts of lotions and potions to try and get that perfect flawless glow. If I'd have known that it was as simple as just drinking more water all those years ago, I would have done  it so much sooner. Nearly all the blemishes are gone. My skin feels light and airy and has become more uniform in colour. Apart from that one day last week that I forgot to put suncream on my face...but we don't talk about that.
  • The dark circles under my eyes have not decreased any more since last week. I mentioned that I had noticed a definite decrease since week one, and this was true. But they appear to have plateaued. I was interested in the science behind why drinking more water helps with the dark circles under your eyes and I found this article here. Basically the circles under your eyes appear as one of the first signs that you have a lot of toxins in your body. Drinking more water helps to flush those toxins out. Makes a lot of sense. So the reason that the dark circles under my eyes haven't completely disappeared is presumably because I have a great number of toxins in my body? Hmmm...maybe I'll up my water dosage. 
  • Water drinking has now become a habit, which is something I was really hoping would happen! I am very rarely without my water bottle stuck to my hand now. I take it to work with me every day and fill it up several times a day. I take it to bed with me, I have it on the coffee table in the living room in the evenings. And I think I've mentioned it before but because I am drinking more water, I am just drinking less of anything else as a result. My intention was not to cut down on tea, or squash or anything like that...but it just happened. And this can only be good right?! The reason I never used to take water to bed with me was because I was worried that I would somehow flail my arm in my sleep and knock the glass over on my night stand. Does anyone else fear this? Or is it a bit was my logic anyway. Why did I never think of putting it in a bottle before? Pfft! It's  put my fears to bed anyway. (Haha). 
  • Yes I am still weeing like a...weeing thing all day every day. That is just a part of life now. I tend to wake up around midnight needing a wee and then wake up around 6am too. Yes I have tried not drinking any water after a certain time in the evening but it really doesn't work. Just get used to it. I've heard somebody say (can't remember who it was or which programme, forgive me) that it's far better for your body to rid itself of toxins via it's *ahem* waste channels than sweating it through your skin. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
I've mentioned before that this journey of healthy life changes that I've started on is not about body image. I'm starting to look for clean eating cookbooks and recipes now because some of the next challenges I'm embarking on will involve more vegetables and healthy recipes bla bla bla...more on that later. 

Something that I'm really struck by is that a lot of these books are advertised with tag lines such as "drop a dress size" and "get your bikini body back". Why is our appearance the most important factor in deciding what we eat? I want to make recipes that will improve my health and fitness, make my body stronger, increase my chances of living a long and happy life. Why is that not advertised more? 

Maybe I'm being a bit hypocritical in some ways...after all one of my driving forces is looking frickin amazing on my wedding day. But I don't want to be beautiful because of a bottle of product and a face full of makeup. I believe that if my body is the healthiest it has ever been, then I will look as beautiful as I can possibly look. I want my hair to be thick and shiny, my nails to be strong and clear and my skin to glow.

There's another reason I am changing my life style too. With getting married comes certain expectations...such as possibly, maybe, ever so slightly having a child way, way, way in the future...? If I am going to put my body through something as intense as carrying a person inside it for 9 months, with a lot of my nutrients going into that little person, then I want my body to be in the best shape it possibly can be. Moreover, I want to give that little person the best start in life as whatever I eat, for it's first nine months, he or she will be eating (in a way) too. Don't tell FMIL I'm talking about children, she'll get far too excited!

Well, there's one week left officially of this water challenge...but I know 100% that is a part of my life now so it is going to carry on long past the one month mile stone. 

Who else is doing the water challenge and what is your motivation? Have you noticed any changes?

The Water Challenge is one of many challenges I'm undertaking to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. 

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