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Happy Easter folks and happy Sunday to you all too
I literally cannot believe how far behind my garden is this year compared to last year...and there’s still more snow to come tomorrow! Waaaa!
Today was a brief lull in the horrific weather that we’ve been having so I rushed out into the garden to try and get something literally anything.
The only thing I felt comfortable doing was planting my potatoes...and even that I’m not 100% sure about so I’ve wrapped the potato bags in fleece until the cold nastiness passes tomorrow.
This year I’m planting three varieties of potatoes. These are Casablanca, Charlotte and international kidney. I bought them as a potato patio kit from Mr Fothergills which also comes with the planting bags. I’m not hugely experienced growing potatoes so I’m still very happy to receive kits with instructions like a newbie.

I’ve been chitting them all for a few weeks now and thought it was about time they went into some soil. 
I followed the instructions included with the kit. They said to put something in the bottom of the bags such as stone or broken crockery. I found some large stones in the garden which did the job nicely. I then borrowed some soil out of one of the veggie beds and put a layer over the top of the stones. I placed the tubers in and then covered them with more soil. I then gave the whole kaboodle a good watering...and that’s pretty much it. Oh and I also labelled the bags and put some fleece over them to protect from Beast from the East round 3 tomorrow!
I’m really REALLY desperate to put my garlic out into the beds but am waiting until the worst is over. The shoots are coming along merrily in the greenhouse though.
I’m seriously concerned about my onion seeds. I sewed them in the greenhouse about 3 weeks ago and they STILL haven’t germinated. I can only assume that with the extreme temperature fluctuations, they’ve died a death. I think I may have to start again with those...hey ho. That’s life.
How’s your garden or allotment going?

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  1. I really want to grow some things but I am concerned about the space available in my garden And that I annoy my husband making beds!

    1. There are so many things you can grow in containers if space is an issue! Potatoes, carrots, salads, parsnips, tomatoes, garlic, the list is endless!

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