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I absolutely love a weekend where I have absolutely nothing planned. You know what I mean, an entire weekend all to yourself to do whatever you want. I might do some baking, I might do a bit of gardening, I might maybe do a load of laundry or read a book. Who knows?
I just love a lazy weekend, and what better outfit for a lazy weekend than jeans, a hoodie and some pumps? (I mean, ideally I would just stay in my pyjamas all weekend. Unfortunately as I live where I work, it is entirely possible that I could have my boss knock on the front door or a delivery person with some stationary so I should at least have some proper clothes such)

Being an outdoor girl, Underarmour is one of the staples of my wardrobe. Great for sportswear, general outdoor clothes and...slobbing clothes (you know you all have those!) This hoodie is comfortable, a great fit washes well. Ideal.

These green, laceless pumps are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable and pretty much go with any outfit. Especially skinny jeans...which is basically all I wear. I do like to prise my feet out of wellies at the weekend and wear a pair of pumps or flip-flops.

What's your favourite outfit for lolling around at the weekend?

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Note: A word of advice about these particular jeans, they are EXTREMELY snug, I had to go a size bigger than I usually would.

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  1. It looks very comfy and cosy. My comfy outfit usually consists of some patterned loose trousers with a vest top!

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