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My name is Ellie Waddington.
You have found my unique little corner of the internet where I love to write and share pictures about all aspects of my Country Lifestyle from books and food to wildlife and country fashion.
I live in Northumberland which is in the North of England, UK. It is beautiful, hilly country with always a sight to see in every direction.
I live here with my husband Rick and our Labrador Bosun. Bosun will feature quite heavily in a lot of my posts because he is beautiful.
Originally I am from Dorset. I studied Countryside Management at Kingston Maurward Agricultural College. I went on to work on various farms with a range of different breeds of sheep and cattle.
We moved here to Northumberland from Dorset in early 2015 for me to commence my new job as Warden of the Chillingham Wild Cattle. They are a unique herd of truly wild cattle that have remained untouched here in Northumberland for as many as 800 years and I have grown very passionate about them.
I love to hear from my readers to please leave a comment on a post, or get in touch via one of my social medias.
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  1. I absolutely love your blog. Very inspiring and great vibes! Thanks for sharing!



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