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Hello Folks!

Well I am officially one week into my water challenge. For anyone that didn't catch the relevant post last week, see here. Water is quite literally the elixir of life; so many of us don't drink enough and up until just over a week ago, that included me.

For the last week I have been drinking at least a litre and a half of water every day and I can honestly say I am already seeing results. For many of those days I would probably say that I am actually drinking near to two litres.

I'll get this out the way first...the most obvious thing that I am noticing is that I am weeing for England! Before I started this challenge I had myself on a nice, handy little schedule whereby my body naturally wouldn't need a wee until lunchtime and then subsequently until the end of the day. Very handy because it meant that I could come home and wee in comfort. However now I am constantly needing to take wild wees out in the park while I'm at work. Not only that, but I am regularly waking up several times in the night needing a wee. I know this is probably a massive over share but I just thought I would warn you lovely folks if you are also going to embark on this water challenge. Be prepared to wee wee!!

So now for the good stuff.

I am waking up more refreshed in the morning (despite the midnight toilet trips). Before, I was finding that I would have to drag myself out of bed in the morning, but now I am actually able to spring from my duvet when I'm supposed to. It's truly a miraculous feeling!

My lips are not as dry. I've had a lot of dry skin on my lips for the past couple of  months and it has disappeared with the ingestion of more water. Water making things less dry...who knew?

Because I'm drinking so much water, I naturally have just craved tea less. In fact there have been several days where I've actually gone the whole day with out a single cuppa! And this is coming from a 5 cups a day kind of girl. Seriously, this is unheard of. Is it possible that my body was just craving for hydration rather than tea? The evidence points towards this! I didn't set out with the aim of wanting to reduce the amount of tea I was drinking...but it seems to have happened anyway.

Unfortunately the bags under my eyes are still there, but Rick says that your body always takes at least two weeks to show any drastic results of a lifestyle change (and he's a pretty smart cookie).

I found this article on some of the benefits of drinking more water, check it out!

So who else is noticing changes (or not noticing changes) from their body with the water challenge?
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Yay!!! That is so good. I'm afraid I clean forgot about it although I have been making an effort to fill my water bottle for the train journey for school!
    Oh and I know that Kiki is a Cockatoo but unfortunately, the first book I read of the Adventure series was not book 1 and the editions I owned showed Kiki as a Red macaw parrot so when I first read, I had that fixed in my mind as Kiki's appearance and so I really loved those parrots!!

    1. My gosh! I've just gone back to my adventure series books to check, and KiKi is definitely a cockatoo. However I've done some research online and you're absolutely right, in earlier editions of the books, Kiki is a parrot! I honestly had no idea. And I call myself a Blyton expert... Pfffft! My apologies!

  2. Ha ha, no probs!!! Oh and I drank 1.5litres today!!


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