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So yesterday Bosun and I went on our afternoon walk as per usual and we stopped by Rick's workshop so that we could all walk home together when he finished work. Nothing unusual there, I do that a lot.
We walked home together as a family. Along the way, Rick pointed out a set of steps that he had constructed that day and was very proud of and to be fair, they are very good steps. I like talking to Rick about what he does day to day, he's very passionate about it.
We got home and I stoked the fire while Rick towelled Bosun off. We started to go about our evening routine business when Rick casually said that some post had come for me and handed me an envelope. I spent ages looking at it trying to figure out what it was...it didn't really make sense. And then I suddenly twigged as Rick was leaning against the kitchen counter smiling at me that it was the start of a treasure hunt! He had handed me a clue! I turned into a massive child and got all excited, running around the house solving lots of riddles to get to the next location. The last clue lead me to the gun safe. I was thinking "has he bought me a new shotgun?!"
I opened the safe, and there on the top shelf was a little black box containing a beautiful golden ring with an emerald on top and the words "Marry Me" on a little slip of paper! I was so excited!
Rick took the ring from me, knelt down and slipped it onto my finger and I said yes!
So my exciting news is that we are officially engaged!

I have no idea when he had the time to hide clues all over the house...or how I didn't find any of them during the day. But I am the happiest girl alive!
Who else has a cute engagement story?

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  1. That is lovely!!! Many congratulations!!! He is v sweet.

    Chris actually made me a treasure hunt in Bruges and was going to propose but I was so rubbish at finding the clues and he was feeling unwell so we had to finish the treasure hunt early and he didn't propose! In the end, he proposed in the Bell tower in Florence by handing me a copy of 'oh soldier, soldier won't you marry me?' With the words changed to Kezzie instead of soldier. It was on his brand new smart phone which is typical that his 'new thing' features on whatever he does!Xx


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