Valentine's Day

Ahhhh yes, the obligatory Valentines Day post. I've seen so many people posting how-tos and recipe ideas for Valentines Day. But I don't really have anything useful to share with you, so here's just a few lovely photos of what we got up to today. Rick, me and Bosun.

We woke up late having overslept, and exchanged cards. I literally had to nag him for the last two weeks to make sure that he didn't forget to get me a card. I wasn't expecting flowers or a grand gesture or anything, but I sure as hell made sure I was getting a card!

Bosun and I went on our usual morning walk (albeit a bit late!) and had sooooo much fun playing in the snow. Although Bosun has seen snow on the ground before, he has never actually been out in a snow storm. He had so much fun running round and round, chasing the snow. When it's snowed overnight, I try to be the first one out and about in the morning so that I can be the first person to leave tracks. But clearly somebody had been out before me this morning, it's ok, it made a nice picture.

Rick and I are massive rugby fans. Those of you who are also rugby fans (and also possibly those who are not) may be aware of a little tournament called the six nations that is happening at the moment. For those of you that don't know, it's a tournament between England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy. Today England were playing Italy so we sort of planned our day around it. I made a wonderful feast for us to munch on while we watched the game and Bosun had a lovely big knuckle bone to chomp on (mainly to stop him attempting any drive-by snafflings of the feast!)

Our offerings to the Rugby Gods

The match was a success, England won and we are currently at the top of the leader board! Woohoo!

After the match, Rick and I still had a couple of hours of daylight to make use of, so we took the chainsaw and the axe out into the woods and hacked up a few more windblown trees. There's always more than you think! We knew of two trees that we wanted to hack up in this one particular area, and then found another one that was down over a water source. Bosun came with us of course, he is a fantastic work buddy. While we're chainsawing, he knows to stay away and usually sits a few metres away watching.

This is not product placement

We got home, had a cup of tea and watched Legally Blonde. Legally Blonde is one of my favourite films from my teenage years and is just a feel-good watch for a Sunday evening. Rick had never seen it before but admitted that it wasn't so bad. Ahhhh boys...

So I will leave you with a cheesy family photo of us in the ATV. I hope everybody had a lovely Valentine's Day wherever you are and whoever you're spending it with.

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  1. It sounds lovely Ellie! The exact opposite of mine. I've had the most hellish day of trying to pack the remaining items into the car. We have so. Much. Stuff I feel physically sick. We STILL have a mound of stuff to pack up and move and the cleaner is coming in the morning at 8am to do the cleaning. Currently waiting for takeaway pizza with a car loaded to the brim. I think my husband hates me, I've git so much stuff.:-(

    1. Oh gosh that sounds absolutely awful! Make sure you set some time aside another day for your relaxing Valentine's Day!


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