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Hellooooo out there!!
Things have been super quiet around here lately on This Country Girl's Journal. Life has been tres hectic and I'm afraid blogging has taken somewhat of a back seat in the priorities. Hopefully that won't carry on for too long!
So what's been happening around here?
My future Mother in Law came for a long weekend which was wonderful! I do so like having family and friends visit from down south! The reason behind her visit was to help me with a few wedding plans and also...the most exciting thing help plant some of the flowers for the wedding. One fantastic way to save a few pennies on your wedding day is to grow the flowers yourself, and that is exactly what we're doing. I will not reveal here what those flowers are just yet because I do want some things to remain a surprise.

Here you can see a picture of our handy work and also the fence that we put up around it (and my veggie beds) to stop Bosun from digging them all up. He does like a bit of digging!
The park has re-opened for the season!! Woohoo! So I've been busy getting the gift shop ready, sweeping away the cobwebs and re-printing signs to get the park ready for visitors. It's been a busy few weeks what with the Easter holidays and everything, and it's good to be back into the swing of things! Make sure you come for a visit if you're in the Northumberland area! 

I've actually had a bit of spare time to read a few books as well, and I'm going to upload some individual book reviews of those shortly (hopefully!). I've got back into some old favourites and crossed offa few from my 'to read' pile. 
I also joined Goodreads which I'm quite excited about. If you don't know what that is, it's basically a social media platform for book worms. You can create your different book shelf categories and write reviews and ratings of the different books you read. I've actually found it really useful. You know when you're out and about and you pass a bookshop and you don't want to buy a load of books at that particular time because you already have too many but you want to remember them for later, so you write a list and then lose the list? Just me? Well now, I can create a 'to read' shelf on Goodreads and never forget a book again, which is fab! And I can see what other people thought of the book too! Win! 
So I hope everybody's keeping well!

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  1. Oh that's good, I did wonder what Goodreads was! I'd definitely like to do that!
    The flowers sound exciting. I tried to grow flowers for mine but sadly only the Cosmos grew and they only blossomed properly about 3 weeks after the wedding! But you're starting earlier than me!!x
    I didn't manage to make it to Chillingham last week- I was planning to but it somehow didn't happen- we did go to Windy Gyle in the Cheviots which was lovely though!


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