New Layout

...and hopefully the last new design for a while!

a cute baby rabbit...for no apparent reason...

Hi everybody, if you're regular here then you've probably noticed another difference in style and format. I know it must be quite irritating to constantly come back and see a different layout, but the truth is that I just hadn't found a style and design that I was truly happy with.

I honestly think that this layout and format is one for keeps. I really like the slider widget on the homepage and I genuinely think it is now a lot more user friendly. It wasn't difficult to do at all, I purchased this layout from an etsy shop called Fearne Designs. The templates are an incredibly reasonable price and come with an amazingly detailed set of instructions to install it on your blog.

HTML still terrifies me so I was seriously concerned about this layout, I thought all the widgets and gadgets would take an intense amount of knowledge to properly install. But actually thanks to the instructions that accompanied the download, it was all fantastically straight forward.

I am really happy with this design and am proud to call this my blog.

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  1. It is looking lovely! I still stick to the same template because I am so scared to ruin 11 years work!

    1. If you ever would like to change your template I can give you some tips if you like. Blogger has a feature where you can back up your entire blog and download it in a file, just incase everything goes wrong and you can restore it!


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