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Hello everybody! Today we are saying hello to Alice!

1. So, tell us all about your blog. What inspired you to start it? How did you come up with your blog title?

Wooden Window Sills is a UK Food, Travel and Lifestyle Blog based on all the little joys in life - cooking and eating delicious dishes, getting lost in a good book, exploring new places, and spending time renovating our little home. I've had a tumblr  for over 8 years but I always used it a bit like Pinterest - to scrapbook all the lovely photographs, quotes and quirky things online that I enjoyed. I had named it Wooden Walls, Floors and Windowsills for two reasons - one being my favourite place, a little black wooden hut in Sennen Cove, right at the tip of the country, and the other, after the lyrics in one of my favourite songs - To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra. Since starting working life it's got quite neglected, but I found I was reading more and more blogs. So one day I just decided, why not write one too? I've always loved being creative, and Wooden Window Sills was started as a space I could write, practice photography and become more purposeful with projects. I love the opportunities it's provided, the people I've met as a result and the incredible response I've had (not for one second did I believe that anyone would be interested in anything I had to say!) 

2. You have posted some amazingly tasty looking recipes on your blog. If you were coming off of a long stint alone on a desert island where you had only been eating yukka and fish for three months, what would your first meal be?

Someone's been watching The Island with Bear Grylls! ;) This is really tough! You either have to go for the practical answer and say something fresh and small and quite plain (they literally have starved for a month so if you went OTT you'd make yourself so ill!) but if it was a case of which food I'd probably be dreaming about, I can only liken it to when I was volunteering in India and for 6 weeks lived off vegetable curry cooked by the local ladies from the village and I dreamt of really good coffee, porridge and golden syrup (after eating curry for breakfast, it's amazing what you crave), steak and fries, homemade lasagne, dairy milk, and icecream. So probably some sort of combination of the above. I'm hungry now. 

3. You're based in Somerset which is a beautiful county. Can you name a favourite spot that you like to go to? Maybe one of Somerset's hidden gems?

This is where it gets interesting. I actually work in Somerset in a beautiful converted barn, but I live across the border in Devon during the week in the countryside with my parents as it's closer to work, but i spend all weekend by the sea in Plymouth as my boyfriend has a house there. So there are multiple favourite spots and of the three, I have probably explored Somerset the least. Around Plymouth there are some gorgeous places to visit - breakfast at Royal William Yard Bakery, a windy walk up Rame Head, across the water to Mount Edgcumbe. There's also a really cute Elizabethan garden hidden in the Barbican. 

4. Did you go through an awkward teenage phase  in your younger years? If so, what advice would you now give to your younger self?

Ha, yes definitely! I look at teenagers now and think HOW do you look so cool?! Corr now I sound like a proper granny! However, I did actually own corduroy tie-dye rainbow flares...yep! I also went through an emo phase where I wore a bright pink and black stripy jumper, black miniskirt and black and pink stripy tights to a friends bowling party for her birthday, some chav yelled across the car park that i was an ugly emo fag and that was the end of that phase! I'm so pleased now that my Mum didn't let me die my hair black. The advice I'd give my younger self is to not put so much pressure on myself to always be the top of everything. I spent years beating myself up for not getting perfect scores on every test and only when I got to university did I finally let myself relax and realised that pushing yourself to achieve is important, but definitely not to the extent where you utterly stressed yourself out over it. Ohh and maybe that love really hurts when it goes wrong, but it would all work out ok eventually and you'd still end up good friends. 

5. If you were asked to design a limited edition postage stamp for Royal Mail, what would be on your design?

As much as i'm a creative person, this is by no way channeled into my ability to draw or paint. So my design would be a collaboration, probably with my mum who is an amazing artist! She actually designed my blog header too! I would like it to be something to do with the sea, as it's my favourite place to be. So probably a lovely little seaside village with a harbour and some boats. 

Thankyou so much Alice! (And yes I do watch the Island with Bear Grylls...I am a bit addicted).
Alice blogs at Wooden Window Sills. Pop on over and check it out!

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  1. Ahh thanks for this Ellie! It was a pleasure to be featured on your blog! Alice xxx


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