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Happy Monday folks!
I must make a sincere apology for being AWOL from the blog this week. It has been completely hectic!

Bosun had to go to the vets on Thursday. For a few days now he's been limping ever so slightly on his front left shoulder. I have no idea how he did it or when but for whatever reason, it's uncomfortable for him to walk on. He falls off the sofa on a daily basis and does a front roll whenever he chases his tennis ball so realistically it could have happened at any time. We went to the vet a couple of weeks ago and she gave us some anti-inflammatories for him and some joint supplements. They don't seem to have done the trick however and there's probably something more at play so we have booked him in for x-rays to see if there's any thing else. Apparently sometimes with labrador pups they can just develop these types of things and they just disappear again at a later stage,
The thing that I was most worried about was it being some sort of displacia  which is quite common in Labradors. The vet doesn't think it's likely to be that because she can't feel any lumps in his joints. But we'll see!
Another thing that I worry about is that I've somehow damaged him by exercising him too much when he was a little little puppy. It's easily done apparently. You're only supposed to exercise them for 5 minutes per month of their age per day. I tried to stick to it...but you know how puppies are!

I went to the Children's Countryside Day at the Glendale Showground last week which was a fantastic experience. There were 1500 school children present at the day, and lots of exhibitors from all walks of countryside life. There were dairy farmers, sheep farmers, chicken farmers, potato farmers, bee keepers, butchers, game keepers, taxidermists, stick makers, hurdlers, horsey people and in the middle, was me representing the Chillingham Wild Cattle. I had a table full of bones, skulls, horns and a taxidermied calf which the children absolutely loved. Why do kids love dead things so much? I had a bit of a task to explain why my cattle were different to the ones being milked next door. I think they got it...but mainly they just wanted to stroke the stuffed calf. I gave out loads of leaflets and post cards so all good things to come hopefully!

I spent several hours at the weekend doing our Save the Dates. (NB when texting your Mother in Law regarding save the dates, do not shorten it to STD's). I had to type all the addresses because I thought it wouldn't take as long as hand writing them. I'm fairly sure it took just as long but they look nice. Putting the save the date into an envelope along with the "places to stay" card was long and laborious. Also I'm paranoid I've forgotten somebody important. But I can always tell them it just got lost in the post if I have forgotten somebody!

The weather has been absolutely miserable and I haven't been able to get out and take any good photos which is a right old pain! Forward planning Ellie, forward planning!

I'm back on track with blogging this week anyways, I hope everybody is feeling marvellously refreshed after the weekend. What's been going on in your lives?

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  1. LOL, your comment about shortening save the day to STD made me giggle.

    Poor Bosun - I hope he's all better soon.

  2. Missed this in my hectic week! Poor Bosun, I do hope he is ok.


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