Pet Shop Haul

Happy Saturday!!
This has been a really long, busy week for me so I was very happy to wake up and remember that it was Saturday this morning (yaay!). 

I managed to convince Rick that today was a perfect day to go shopping. I don't go to actual, physical shops very often and I certainly don't subject Rick to such things because he hates shops and crowds. Understandably. So I dragged him along to Alnwick with me and we decided to make a little stop off in Northumbria Pets which is on the main high street of Alnwick and one of the best pet shops that I have ever been into. I much prefer small individual pet shops to large chains.

What I really like about this particular shop is that instead of charging for plastic carrier bags, they encourage you to make a donation in one of the charity pots at the till which go towards a range of different animal charities.

It's Bosun's 1st birthday next month so we decided to spend a little bit more than we usually would and buy him some birthday treats. What follows is a run down of what we bought. I'm not sure I can wait until his birthday to give him all of these. They're very exciting!

These are deer antlers. They make a fantastic chew toy for dogs and last for absolutely ages, We couldn't decide which one of these he would prefer so we bought both. He's already been given one of them now and the other is being saved for his first birthday.  The one with the yellow tag is made by Antos and the longer one with the white tag is made by Farmfoods.

Doggy pick and mix! I love these. It's like a sweetie pick and mix but all the little tubs are filled with different kinds of doggy treats. Obviously these are just for the occasional treat. He doesn't get loads of these all the time. Just when he does something good like sit...lie down or not destroy the house.

We've bought him pigs ears on several occasions and we thought we'd get him something with a bit of a twist. He has here Deer ears and Wild boar ears by naturals. I like that you can find a use for every part of the animal when it's butchered. I wouldn't personally eat a deer ear...but I know a fluffy yellow labrador that will be very grateful for it!

It's always good to have a few of these knocking around because they make for a fantastic distraction.  Rawhide Pressed Bones by Natures Deli.Your boss popped over for a cup of tea? Give the dog a raw hide to shut him up. Tesco delivery man at the door? Raw hide! Trying to eat your dinner? Raw hide! Fantastic.

And finally, something a bit fun. We've basically come to the conclusion that we can no longer give the dog stuffed toys because he rips the insides out within a matter of minutes. So we can only buy him tough rubber toys from now on. Even tennis balls take a pasting! What a bundle of joy we do have living with us. Nobbly Wobbly!

Well, I have no doubt that I will have plenty of photos to share with you in the future of Bosun enjoying his new toys/treats.
Have any of you folks tried any of these with your dogs? Or do you have any questions about these products? Leave a comment.

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