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Good Morning my friends!
I do apologise that this post is a day late but life has got the better of me this week. I've managed to get so behind on the laundry because of all the naff weather we've been having. I need to ensure a dry day. An ENTIRE dry day to hang out laundry. We seem to be getting a lot of days where it starts raining half way through the day and it's just a bloomin pain in the bum! I don't like hanging laundry to dry inside because I don't really have the space, and it doesn't dry quickly enough and ends up smelling damp. Housewife problems!!

Bosun's managed to hurt himself again. Don't ask me how he did it, I literally have no idea. He just started limping again on Sunday quite badly. We've put him back on the lead for walks to limit the amount of pressure he's putting on his elbow and it's worked somewhat. He is limping a bit less now but it's still there. He hasn't been allowed out to play with his friend Roly this week because they beat up hell together when they play and it certainly would not be good for his elbow!
But really this is nothing to do with this post. That's just me having a little moan about life.

So I'm two weeks on with the five-a-day challenge and I am absolutely loving it! I've been trying new recipes to try and incorporate as many vegetables into my dinner as possible. I've also been chucking extra vegetables into everything anyway just to bulk it up. For example, last night I made spaghetti bolognese and I put two cups of frozen peas in there too. (I'll add a little note here that I use wholewheat pasta). Genius. I made chicken stir-fry and usually I put in spring onions and peppers but now I've started adding lots of carrots, baby corn and spinach too. It's actually very easy to make sure you get your five a day with only a tiny bit more effort.

I have definitely been feeling the energy this week. I didn't really notice many differences last week but this week I'm like one of those little energiser bunnies. Bear in mind that since I did my water challenge I've still been drinking nearly two litres of water a day so it may be to do with that. Maybe it's a combined effort of the two? Maybe my body is just waking up and finally starting to thrive on the correct stuff that really I always should have been feeding it. This week I've been finding motivation to get a lot more done. On Saturday I spent the whole day in the garden clearing weeds out of the blackcurrant bushes (I mean like nettles, brambles and hedge bind weed, it took ages and was such a stressful task!), pulling up my onions, transplanting my lavender, cutting grass, mending some fencing etc. I felt really proud of myself after Saturday having done all that and at lunchtime when I was hungry and desperately needed fuel, I craved vegetables. I had half a bacon baguette with avocado, lettuce and red onion in it and I made myself a huge salad with juicy tomatoes, carrots and other yummy things and I had an apple.

My conclusion is that vegetables are literally the fuel I need to get my bum in gear and do stuff. I mentioned last week that I noticed the difference on the day that I didn't manage to get my five-a-day and that still stands. There was one morning where I'd run out of berries to put on my morning cereal so I had to go without my usual first hit of fruit until lunchtime. Again, I really noticed the difference. I was like a rabid animal waiting with a spoon to get in that pot of blueberries when the Tesco man arrived at lunchtime. I nearly bit his hand off!

I have a beautiful new outfit that I bought from Next and I'm waiting for some nice weather so that I can do an outfit post. I think the weather gods hate me at the moment. I feel like I'm always moaning about the weather. Have I turned into one of those people?

Have you been undertaking the Five-a-day challenge? How are you finding it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I put courgette in spaghetti bolognese :-) I remember my sister telling me she used to put frozen peas in lasagne because it was the only way she could get her ex to occasionally eat a vegetable!

    I probably make my 5 a day most days during the summer because we eat loads of salad. But some days I just fancy carbonara for tea, and if I haven't managed to get my 5 in by lunch on those days I'm just not having my 5. I really need to get better at that.


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