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Charles Dowding's Veg Journal: Expert no-dig advice. Click here to buy on amazon.
This is a book that has really helped me in my vegetable growing knowledge. Whereas a lot of other publications might set out their books according to vegetable, Mr Dowding sets out his book according to month and I found that really helpful. When I plan out my vegetable patches for the year, I tend to visualise a month almost as a physical entity and this book really helped me to do that. The book does obviously have an index where you can look up specific vegetables, I understand most people don’t think the way I do.

One of the book’s major themes is ‘no-dig’. If you’re unaware of the no-dig movement and what it entails, it literally means not digging over your vegetable beds every year. You just leave them and put new mulch/compost/manure on top. The author goes into detail about the positives of not digging...but I have to confess I haven’t really stuck to a no dig system so I can’t tell you whether they are true (not that I’m doubting Mr Dowding in any way). I personally quite enjoy digging and feel a sense of calm and peace when look back at a freshly dug vegetable patch. Maybe I’ll try and restrain myself this year.

The book has note pages for each month for the reader to be able to make their own notes and annotations regarding their own growing season. I personally haven’t used these as I have a separate growing notebook and diary for this purpose, but I can see how lots of people would find these helpful.
As well as advice on growing all kinds of different vegetables, there are also pages and pages of advice on things like the correct tools to use, how to deal with pests, weed control and many, many more helpful things. These have been absolutely invaluable to me.

So in conclusion, this is a really good little book. It’s got in-depth instructions for how to grow all the standard garden vegetables as well as shorter descriptions for lesser grown vegetables. It would make a great gift for anyone starting out in vegetable growing or anyone wanting to learn more about no-dig.

Have you used this book? What did you think? Leave a comment below.

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