First Post of 2018

Hello friends!
This is the first post on this blog in the year 2018...and also in a very long time. So first off, Happy New Year! You know when life just gets the better of you and blogging falls by the wayside? Yeah...we’ve all been there.
I’d like to change things up around here.

For two years of blogging on and off, the topics I’ve been blogging about have been a bit random and all over the place and I think that’s maybe why I’ve not been as inspired. I think I need to focus on something specific to blog about and then I’ll be inclined to write more. Meh. We’ll see.
So my husband and I have a plan to one day live off our own small holding. We’d like to raise animals, grow produce, forage, have our own water source etc. Basically, we want to be as self sufficient as possible. We want to work hard for ourselves. This dream is a long way off, years.
Between now and then, we intend to learn and plan as much as possible. This is what I intend to blog about, our journey to becoming self sufficient. We already have a few skills and we’re certainly going to build on those. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll know that I’ve worked with livestock for a few years and so has my husband.
So over the next few years, here you’ll be able to read about our successes, failures and everything in between.
Once again, a Happy New Year to you and I’ll check back soon.

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