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Hello friends!

Beast from the East arrived two weeks ago and caused havoc in my part of the world. I have never known snow like it. This post was supposed to go up just as Beast from the East arrived, but I was kept busy shovelling snow, feeding wild animals, keeping the house warm and such. All good fun. So here are some pictures that you should have been looking at a few weeks ago.

So I have started off my garlic in the greenhouse. I used little newspaper seedling pots that I'd made and have started off around 60 garlics. I have decided this year to use Solent Wight, it's a variety that I haven't used before but I'm expecting good things as they reportedly store well and are very hardy.

I bought 4 heads, and each head had an average of 15 decent sized cloves inside.
They've started to sprout and are looking good, once spring sets in properly here in Northumberland I'll get them out into the vegetable beds.

This week I have also tentatively sown onion seed, peas and some tomatoes. Fingers crossed that we don't get any more horrific weather. My nerves can't take it.

What's going on in your greenhouse at the moment?

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