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Healthy Snacks Galore!

Rick and I recently discovered Grape Tree. I'm sure there are many of you out there that have already discovered Grape Tree but this is entirely new to us to please excuse our over-excited-ness!
We both enjoy a good snack in the evenings if we're watching television, or while I'm reading a book or something. Nothing wrong with a snack. Snacks are good. Our fault lay with what we were snacking on. It's very easy to grab a packet of crisps or a box of chocolates. We do live quite active lifestyles which is the only reason we are able to get away with eating such nonsense. So we decided AS A TEAM to invest in some healthier snacks. We are not cutting out the junk completely, because that's stupid. Everyone needs chocolate in their lives. We just feel that if dried apricots are just as tasty as crisps, we might as well eat them. 
So, where's a good place to get healthy snacks?

So we had Grape Tree recommended to us by Rick's mother (thanks Lesley) and we had a good peruse of what was on offer. We both have slightly different tastes when it comes to these things so we finally decided on these items. And I realise that some of these snacks are healthier than others.

  • Banana Chips
  • Deluxe Fruit and Nut Mix
  • Dried Apricots
  • Dried Pears
  • Goji Berries
  • Omega Seed Mix
  • Crystalised Pineapple
  • Crystalised Papaya
  • Milk Chocolate Peanuts
  • Milk Chocolate Raisins
The box arrived yesterday and we were both very excited. I decided to take pictures of the opening process...because it was an exciting time. 
I was pleasantly surprised to open the box and find some chocolate coins! What a nice little touch!

All very nicely packed. We like that, we like that. Shall we have a good delve about to see what's in here?

On first sight, the omega seed mix does look like bird food. But I'm not sure what else I would expect omega seed mix to look like to be honest. It tastes nice anyway. Very healthy. I've never tasted goji berries before and I was very excited to try them. They taste kind of sweet to begin with...and then end up turning more sour. I'm not even sure if that makes sense...but I like it!
Now the thing that I was most curious about was the dried pears. I like pears, and honestly I didn't know that dried pears were a thing. How would you dry a pear? (with sulphur dioxide apparently). I suppose...just like you dry anything else. Upon trying them...they taste just like pears. But kind of rubbery. So...a winner I suppose if not a slight anti climax.

So we now have all these packets of healthy and slightly less healthy snacks, where are we going to store them? Well it's a good thing we thought ahead and bought all these Kilner Jars!! How cute are these? I love these jars and would use them to store everything in my kitchen except they are a bit pricey. But we can certainly afford to splash out occasionally on a nice bit of kitchenware, especially when they are to store such lovely snacks! By the way we got these jars from amazon.
Look me in the eye and tell me that you don't want to just grab a handful and munch away! Hmm? I thought so. And something else that I think is worth mentioning is that because we spent over £35.00, the delivery was free. Bonus!

Well I hope I've provided some inspiration, those of you that are looking for a new healthy snack to get stuck into.
Has anyone else tried Grape Tree and absolutely LOVED it??
Leave a comment!!

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  1. Im afraid I hit a stumbling block with healthy snacks in that I am not at all fond of dried fruit! Or nuts really, except cashews and pistachios. I don't mind dried apple. It is most annoying! Your jars ARE beautiful!!! Love them!!Xx

    1. There are so many other healthy things you can have though instead of dried fruit. Like fresh fruit! Xx

    2. True. I like fresh fruit But in the longer-lasting snack stakes,I.e.something that can sit in a drawer, it is a pity I am not fond of dried fruit!

    3. Try some of the seed mixes; they're delicious.

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