Tutorial: How to make your own Body Scrub

What I made and how I made it

Do you remember my post last week Kick Winter up the Bum and Be Happy? Well I mentioned that I was really enjoying some hand-made sugar scrub that I'd bought from a shop on etsy. Alas, yesterday I ran out. This is not acceptable and I cannot believe I allowed it to happen. I needed some scrub for my bath-time so I decided to do something a little bit crazy and made some myself from some every day kitchen ingredients. And do you know what? It is actually surprisingly easy!
I've put together a very quick tutorial here so that you can have a go at home (and I thoroughly recommend it!)

What do you need?

1x Cup of Granulated sugar (you could also use brown sugar)
1/4 x cup of olive oil
1 x tsp vanilla extract
1 x generous squeeze of honey
Jars for storage

 How to make it...

 Now this part is really easy, simply chuck it all in a bowl and mix!

It smells really good but please don't be tempted to eat it. It only has an effect on your skin if you rub it on!
Now put it into your jar and put it next to the bath to remind yourself to have a nice relaxing soak. Wet your skin, give this scrub a good rub into your skin to make it lovely and soft, and then wash off. It really couldn't be simpler.
If you have children in the house, I would also recommend labelling the jars so that they don't eat it. 

Why don't you try adding a spoonful of instant coffee to your body scrub? Or some coconut oil? There are endless possibilities! 


Something that I've been made aware of recently is that a lot of commercial facial and body scrubs contain micro-beads that are made of plastic. When these are washed down the plug hole, they end up in river systems and subsequently the seas. They mass in such great quantities that they can be harmful to marine life. We are being encouraged to use natural scrubs such as sugar and salt scrubs, or scrubs that contain apricot kernels. These are all much less harmful to the environment once they're washed down the plug hole as they are natural ingredients!

Hope you enjoy making your own scrubs! Do let me know in the comments section what other wonderful ingredients you add to yours!

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  1. Yes, I heard that about microbeads. I've only used something with them once (a kid at school gave it to me as a present) and I HATED it anyway- so artificial and I worried about it then even before we were alerted to the dangers of them. This is a cool idea. My Mum made me some baths salts similarly. xx

    1. Ahhhh yes I'd love to try and make my own bath salts next xx

  2. Dry out used coffee grounds from the filter/cafetiere, and stir them in. Lavender oil gives a pleasant scent. Do NOT under any circumstances be tempted to add food colouring to make the scrub a girlie pink - you will be blushing for ages!!!

    1. Oooooh yes coffee grounds is a good idea. And no I shall not be tempted with food dyes! More than myself, I'd be concerned about staining the bath pink! X


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