Spring Cleaning Round-up!

The visitor season is fast approaching. Come 21st March, my time will be taken up with showing visitors to the Chillingham Wild Cattle a good time! So my philosophy is that a clean house is easier to clean. Although I'm sure that's not a revelation. There's probably a lot of people that have already realised that. Anyways...
I have been spring cleaning the house, de-cluttering and scrubbing everything down to within an inch of my life. Something that has really helped is Pinterest! There are so many helpful hints and tips to make keeping your home clean easier. This is going to help me so much during the visitor's season when I'll be back to full time hours and have less time for house work! I thought I would share some of my favourites here with you.

  • How to Clean your Bathroom like a Pro - When I first read this I thought...well...surely there's only one way to clean a bathroom? But No! This article revolutionised my bathroom cleaning routine! An amazing tip to make sure your toilet brush doesn't get all ganked up and disgusting, and the introduction of micro-fibre cloths! Oh my gosh these cloths are amazing!
  • How to Fake Clean a House in Twenty Minutes - This article basically describes how to make your house presentable in twenty minutes, you know, when you have those last minute guests dropping in and the house is a tip. I get quite a lot of those and while I do try and keep the house as tidy as possible, I can guarantee that someone will want to pop in just after Bosun has thrown a tantrum and destroyed one of his toys all over the floor. So this article tells you how to fake clean a house, basically where to stash things last minute to create an illusion that your house is tidy. I love it!
  • Keep Dust Down - Some brilliant tips on how to effectively dust your home. It's totally true that before I would just be wiping dust off of surfaces, and then the dust would just settle somewhere else. Not any more!
  • How to Make your Home look Professionally Cleaned -  I really like this step-by-step to do list of chores to do every day. I feel like putting chores down on paper makes them look a lot more manageable and makes you feel like you've achieved a lot more after you've ticked them off. I love to-do lists! 
So I hope you've all learned a little something from these tips. I would recommend following these blogs too because these ladies have some of the best home-making tips out there!

Who else is spring cleaning?

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  1. I am definitely interested in these as I am shockingly bad at housework esp the bathroom!!!! Will go and have a look!!
    So if I want to come and see the Chillingham wild cattle in the Easter holidays, what do I need to do!? So intrigued to see them now!

    1. We open to the public on 21st March so any time after that. Monday to Friday I do 6 tours a day each one starting on the hour at 10, 11. 12, 2, 3 and 4. On Sundays I do 3 tours in the morning. You don't need to book, just turn up to one of those tour times!

    2. Hi Ellie! Not sure if we will have time this week to come and see the cattle but I've been spreading the word about them to friends in Northumberland to come and see them!! Hope you are well!x

  2. Oh such a shame! Make sure you do come and visit this year though. The summer is such a beautiful time in the park! X


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