The Winter Crown by Elizabeth Chadwick

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Historical novels like this are definitely one of my favourite genres. It wasn't until after I'd finished this book that I realised it was the second in a trilogy and I definitely have not read the first one. Doh! But it still stands alone as an entertaining tale anyway.

This is set in the 12th Century when Henry iii was on the throne and follows the ups and downs of Eleanor of Acquitaine, his wife. I find the characters in this book are extremely well written and believable. It's well known that Eleanor of Acquitaine was ahead of her time in terms of power and influence and this comes across in the book. It is important to know that although she is influential and that her title as Duchess of Acquitaine is important to her, above all her children are her number one priority and I think Chadwick strikes just the right balance between fiercely protective mother and Queen.

The story does tend to jump from year to year which is fine as long as you keep an eye on the titles of the chapters, which are years, otherwise you could find yourself getting a bit confused.

Over all I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes something to sink their teeth into.

Has anyone read the other books in the trilogy?

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  1. No I haven't read it, sounds good though. I read a trilogy about Henry IV though!!x


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