Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie

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"I want to hurt her - to stick a knife in her, to put my dear little pistol close against her head and then -"

One most really wonder, how is it that nobody ever suspects Hercule Poirot of anything? Everywhere he goes, a murder seems to occur. But we don't mind. If this wasn't the case then there would be no series and as I have said on many occasions before, I do love a classic whodunit!

As per usual, there is a group of seemingly unconnected individuals who all embark on the same trip together, this time on a Nile river cruise in Egypt. Approximately half the book is back story, learning about the characters as such and then the events immediately before the murder. The person to be murdered on this particular occasion is the beautiful and extremely wealthy Linnet Doyle nee Ridgeway. Linnet and her new husband Simon are being pursued wherever they go on their travels by Simon's ex fiancee Jacqueline. Jacqueline is known to hate Linnet for 'stealing' her man so naturally all suspicion falls upon her. However evidence surfaces that proves she definitely could not have done the murder so....whodunit?!?

I always love the eclectic mix of characters dreamt up by Christie in her novels. Do you think these are people she's encountered on her own travels?

The book is full of twists and turns sure to keep you hooked until the very end.

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  1. I love this one!!! And the David Suchet TV version is brilliant (I have it on DVD)- the gorgeous JJ Feild (who I met!!!) played Simon!x

    1. My gosh I haven't seen any TV adaptations! I must find them!


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