The Weekend!

What a beautiful weekend! The sun was well and truly shining (for the most part) so we decided to make the most of it.
On Saturday we went to the beach at Embleton. It lies within sight of Dunstanburgh castle and is an absolutely stunning stretch of beach. It's got clean, yellow sand and lots of fun rock pools! Bosun absolutely loves coming to the beach and will happily sit in the car for hours at the mere mention of the word! 

And today we spent the afternoon at the lakes down the road from us. The weather was gorgeous and we finally got Bosun swimming properly!! We are so proud of our little Baby Bobo!

There's a video on my Instagram of Bosun getting a ball and swimming properly like a big boy.
Happy weekend everybody!


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  1. Well done Bosun! Embleton is lovely and I love walking along the beach to Dunstanburgh!

  2. I'm so glad you agree. Isn't it such a perfect stretch of beach? I feel there's little else to rival it anywhere!


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