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So Rick has been teaching me how to use photoshop (oooh-err!) and I've been playing around with it, so you might see a few fancy images pop up such as the one above. I did not take the photo, it is not my laptop and I have no idea where that park is. I have recently discovered these websites that contain thousands and thousands of images that you are allowed to take and use for your own purposes for free. I got this image from Pixabay, but there are many more. So if you ever need an image but don't have one of your own photos, then grab one of these.

Anyways so here are a few things from around the web that I've been reading on the odd occasion that I have some spare time.

  • This cheesey baked bean dip from A Beautiful Mess looks DELISH!! 
  • Lucy has put together her colour palette for a blanket inspired by cupcakes at Attic 24 <3
  • I fell in love with these gorgeous frosty/snowy pictures of the sunset in The Alps from Joy Felicity Jane
  • Twinkie Chan's second book is out! Yaay! I've always loved her crochet patterns and I will definitely be buying this book!
  • So...I am a massive Royalist. I absolutely love reading about the Queen and the Royal Family. Happy Birthday by the way! So I've been absolutely loving all the pictures that are being released for the Queen's birthday. Prince George is just so scrummy!
  • Totally agree with this article re vigilantes on social media potentially ruining innocent people's lives! Think before you post people!

So that's it for now. Have a good week and let's hope the sun starts to shine!

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