What's Growing On?

Hello there folks! Who had a pleasant weekend? Did you get lots done? Did you go and do something fun? Or did you just loll around and relax in your pyjamas? All perfectly acceptable answers. Weekends are for "me" time, do whatever you want to do says I. Unless your other half is asking for some help with the chores...in which case definitely do that. You get the chores done faster and you score brownie points! Woohoo!

So now that we've had roughly about a week of sunshine, my garden is starting to wake up. I am so excited. We spent Sunday afternoon lounging in the garden, doing a bit of weeding and drinking tea. I love tea! And being able to drink it in the garden with a slice of cake, listening to the birds and watching Bosun try to chase bumble bees just makes it taste twenty times better than normal.

I thought I would take some photos and describe what is going on in my garden at the moment. Mainly because I wanted to practise my photoshop editing skills, but also because my future mother in law helped us a lot with the garden when we moved in and with subsequent holidays and I love showing her the progress.

 The primroses everywhere are in full bloom. Primroses are my second favourite flower so I absolutely love spotting them roundabout in the woodland. They tend to come out a bit later up here than I was used to in Dorset, but then, so does everything. These primroses are actually growing in pots so that they can be easily dug out again, as are the bluebells. And as you can see...the first bluebell is just starting to show it's flower!! So excited, Bluebells are my number one favourite flower. I love the way they carpet woodland floors, the colour is stunning and as a child, they were always a sure indicator that my birthday was on the way. Love love love them.

Here is my onion bed. This year I am growing red AND white onions. (or do you call them brown onions? I'm not really sure). Last year I only grew red onions as I much prefer them. I would like to make a lot more chutneys this year so I have chosen to grow a mixture of different onions. And a lot of them! My FMIL rigged up this contraption with the string to stop birds taking the onion sets when they were small...and it worked! I'll take it down once the onions are a bit more established, but I quite like it. It makes my garden looks like a professional lives there who knows what she's doing.

 And this is my one clove of garlic that has sprouted properly. I planted about thirty, but so far only this one is showing signs of life.

These are the daffs lining our front garden path. There were a few there already when we moved in last year but we have since added a few and FMIL planted a few different varieties which has made it look a lot prettier!

 I love my Forsythia. One of the first things to bloom in the spring, it just cheers the place up!

 This is my little herb corner where I am currently growing Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and Parsley. I love this cute little corner. This year I have included these cute little wooden labels that you write on. I don't use them everywhere in the garden because they are quite expensive, but for something a bit permanent they look amazing. They are from Burgon and Ball. FYI I don't label them for my benefit, I know what they are. I label them so that when I'm cooking and I send Rick out for a bunch of parsley, he comes back with the right stuff.

 Also, I'm kind of obsessed with Lavender. I love the look, the smell, just everything about it. So I bought a lot earlier in the year! I dry it out and use it to make delicious smelling pockets to keep the wardrobes smelling fresh and the moths away. You can also see some lilies here that are shooting up.

And here is my first fruit tree to come into blossom, this is a plum. I also have pear and three varieties of apples. This plum blossom just smelled absolutely gorgeous. When I was getting under it to take these arty shots of the sky, I was sniffing away like....ooooh!

And I'll leave you with these photos of my beautiful labrador Bosun. I think as dogs go, he is rather photogenic.

So, what's going on your gardens at the moment? Is anyone else further along in their gardening calendar than me? Here in Northumberland we are definitely taking it slow!

Have a great week!

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