Oh deer...

Hello Blogging Friends,
Do you remember a few weeks ago I posted about the Fallow Deer that disappear and then re-appear in spring? And it was accompanied by some really grainy picture that you can very almost nearly tell that it's a herd of Fallow Deer. 

Well today, Rick allowed me to go out into the park with his camera! This is a massive deal for Rick because his camera is like his baby. He is super protective over it. But ultimately. it does take amazing pictures. Much better than I can take with my Iphone. 

So I went out there with the intention of becoming a wildlife photographer extraordinaire...but because it's super windy the deer were even more spooky than usual. I could not get anywhere with them, even on foot. Usually I can get pretty close if I park the ATV about 100m away and then sneak up. Not today. Stupid deer.

So here are some photos taken from a long way away through some trees. Also, today it snowed, in April!! Yeah!! What's up with that??

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  1. Awww, Bambis! ;-)

    We've had a cycle of bright sunshine, sleet, bright sunshine, sleet AALLLL day today!


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