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Hello everybody and welcome to the first in my new Blog series "Say Hello to...". In this series I will be interviewing various bloggers from around the globe.
First up we have Hannie, a student who lives in Dresden.

Hi Hannie!

1. So, tell us all about your blog. When did you start blogging and why? And how did you come up with your blog title?
I've always been writing a journal of some sort, first it was on paper, in a diary with a lock, then I was introduced to the Internet, blogs and such. I started writing one myself at age 12 or 13, it was an on and off thing back then, kept changing my url and content -- but I started taking blogging seriously two years ago. This blog however has been with me only a year so far. 

As for my blog title, I thought of the things my friends would say about me which would most likely be something in the lines of "She loves travelling / travels a lot" but "She also likes to get lost in nature and camp out in the local forest, she's always on the run or on some trip". Then I thought of Missing Wanderer because if I had the possibilities and the money, you'd never see me again or at least everywhere in this world. :-) 

2. You write a lot about your adventures and travels. What is the most exciting or memorable trip that you have been on?
My most exciting and memorable trip at the same time was when I was in Nga Trang, Vietnam. I was with my mum, my sister and uncle, auntie and their children. We took a van and drove from Da Nang all the way over fields and mountains to Nha Trang for a whole day it seemed. We always took breaks, not just to take a breather but to stand and enjoy the breathtaking view of tropical forest. When we eventually got to Nha Trang, we explored the beach and the water amusement park right out on an island called Vinpearl which you could only reach on a cable railway. It was a crazy experience for the whole family, the trip itself was the first mayor road journey for me. We sat on the beach as we ate delicious lobster and fish. We swam for hours. I got lost after looking for a restroom and spent a night in the exciting colourful town looking for our hotel on my own. I sat by a fountain and realized that even the sky looked different out there. And those kind of moments are the wildest in my memories when it comes to travels. 

3. Is there somewhere you have never been to but have always dreamed of going?
Hmm, there are still many places where I haven't been to so it's hard to pick one. Probably Thailand, though. I've just always wanted to go there. Oh, and South Korea. Just can't hide that Korean pop and drama fangirl side of mine. 

4. You clearly have a love of literature. When choosing a book do you tend to go for classics? Or moderns? Or a mixture of both?
I am in love with classics, they just remind me that human problems and values are timeless. But I'm always open for modern books, I usually don't care where the book came from or what genre it is. It just needs a plot that strikes me and great writing that I can swallow. 

5. People always talk about genres that they love. Well, is there a particular genre that gets you really angry? Or perhaps a particular author or character?
There's no genre that gets me angry, if something gets me angry then that's the characters or situations in a story. I get angry at ignorant, intolerant characters who just can't leave innocent people out of their crazy mess. But hey, me hating a character just proves that the character was portrayed perfectly.

6. If a novel was written that was loosely based on your life, what would it be called?
Oh I love this question, though it did take me a while to come up with something. Either "Nerve-wracking late night conversations with a sarcastic piece of poop" or "The Girl Who Belongs To Nobody And Nothing".

Thankyou so much for taking part Hannie, this has been really fun!

Hannie Arden Blaise blogs at Missing Wanderer. She regular blogs about travel, literature and the student lifestyle. Go over and show her some love!
I hope you all enjoyed reading the first in this series, look out for more!

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  1. what a great idea Ellie! She sounds v nice and interesting!!

  2. Feel free to contact this blogger on (born in Vienna, Swede, homeless in and around Paris).

    Btw, I will now read the article.

  3. A very late thanks for this opportunity. I really appreciate it <3

    1. No worries! It was a pleasure to work with you!


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