Weird Stuff My Dog Does

So Bosun is just over nine months old now (I know, where did that time go?) It seems like only yesterday we drove for three hours to Doncaster to pick him up. Rick drove home while I snuggled Bobo on the back seat. He pretty much slept all the way home which was pretty good. He is still very much a puppy in his behaviour. He throws a tantrum if he doesn't get his own way and needs to be involved in every single thing we do.

But have you ever looked at the really weird stuff that your dog does and just blurted out "why are you doing that?" I have those moments all the time, I'll give you a few examples.

Chewing Rocks

Our little stone cottage in Northumberland is surrounded by pebbly/gravelly type stuff. You can't get away from it. And one of Bo's favourite things to do is to pick up pebbles in his mouth and chew them! It's horrible! The sound of the pebbles on his teeth makes me want to claw my own eyeballs out! I tend to just hoike them out of his mouth and tell him to stop but really there is very little I can do due to us being surrounded by an ocean of stones. I do often wonder, for every pebble that I have removed from his gob, how many has he swallowed?! Surely he's not that stupid...And before you say anything, it's not through lack of stimulation. The boy has hundreds of toys and gets two walks a day!

Eating Poo!!

Yes, you read that correctly. He enjoys eating poo. Not his own poo mind you, mainly just herbivores. Cow poo, sheep poo, deer poo. Thankfully he doesn't touch fox poo or badger poo, they really smell! Is there a reason behind this? I know that bitches will often eat poo out of the whelping box to keep the nest clean (an ancient instinct to make sure predators aren't attracted to the smell). Could he have picked this behaviour up from his mother? He's such a weirdo. Pfffft!

Dropping Stuff Behind the Sofa

And I mean like...all his toys. And he doesn't do it by accident either! He will actually go and fetch a toy (squeaky or otherwise), stand on the sofa, wag his tail and then drop said toy between the sofa and the wall. He will then repeat the process. So I'll come into the living room and think...ok where are all his toys? Take a look behind the sofa mummy! And there they all are! He'll usually be there pawing at the back of the sofa as if trying to dig the toys back up. Weirdo.

Dropping Stuff in my Boots

Yes, this is also a thing. One day I went to put my boots on and I was like...oh...why can I not put my foot in my boot? Upon further investigation I discovered there was a tennis ball in my boot. Ah Bosun...Bosun Bosun Bosun. I did laugh. But this wasn't a one off, it then began to happen on a regular basis. Things I have found in my boots include a tennis ball, a glove, a deer antler, a cherry tomato and a coaster. Bless him. At least he doesn't try to chew the boots anymore.

So I hope you had a good giggle at some of Bosun's antics in this post. Can anyone shed some light on any of these behaviours? Does anyone have any weird dog tales of their own?

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