The Muck Boot

Hello Blogging friends.
Do you remember a while back I created a post about choosing my new pair of wellies? Well I've finally got around to purchasing my new pair. But there is a bit of a twist. Of the five boots that I had on my list, I was chose the Aigles.

So on Saturday morning, Rick went along to the Local gun showroom to make a purchase and I tagged along with the intention of buying my new Aigles. However... I got there and a certain pair of Muck Boots caught my eye. I said 'Sir, talk to me about those boots!' I tried them on and a warm fuzzy feeling spread over me! They fit perfectly. They're comfortable. They're robust...and they're beautiful!

I made it very clear that I needed some hard wearing boots that would last me a long time through being subjected to all kinds of trials and tribulations and the sales assistant assured me that they would do the job. Apparently they are very popular with gamekeepers and farmers.
I was very happy to spend less than the Aigles too at £90. Very reasonable for a good pair of boots.
Obviously wearing them around the shop is very different to wearing them in the field so as soon as we got home, we went out for a walk. And here's what I found...

They are most definitely waterproof which is something I always look for in a Wellington Boot. 
They are comfortable over long distances. 
They are robust over difficult terrains.
They have this fabulous technology that wicks moisture away so your feet don't sweat, which can be a problem in wellies, particularly in the summer.
So far I am very happy with them, but really what I look for in a boot is durability and time is the only test...
this is pretty much my go-to outfit when I'm out and about. Jeans, boots, shirt and a gilet.

Boots: The Original Muck Boot Company
Shirt: Toggi
Gilet: Regatta
Coat: Hoggs of Fife
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Location: Chillingham

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