Animal Cupcake Round-up

Hey gang!
It's Sunday, the weekend is almost over (boo!), but never fear. I have rounded up some of the cutest animal-themed cupcake recipes out there to cheer you up. Trust me, once you have a look at these, you will completely forget it's Monday tomorrow.

(FYI I do know it's bank-holiday, but the wild-cattle don't believe in such things. The cattle keep me in line!)

I've been on a bit of a baking themed mission this weekend, which is why I thought of doing this cupcake round up. You may have come across my banana bread recipe from yesterday? I am carrying on the theme...

  • These are cupcakes that very cleverly use mini marsh-mallows to make sheep! Such a creative idea from Wine and Glue.
  • With this recipe from Hobbycraft, you use many cupcakes to form a giraffe. Pretty genius if you ask me.
  • These owl cupcakes though! Such a fun thing to make with your children!
  • These absolutely cracked me up. They're supposed to be bunny-bums, as if they were disappearing down a rabbit hole!
  • Piggy cupcakes! Rick's Auntie is obsessed with piggies so these would be fantastic to make for her.
  • I really love the look of these polar bear cupcakes, however it is an american site, and I'm not really sure where we'd get donut holes from here...or what white spice drops are.
  • From the same site as the polar bears (the lady is talented!) comes this cool turtle cupcake. Love it!
I know I only usually do about 4 or 5 links when I do a round-up so as not to over-whelm you all, but I really couldn't narrow it down to my favourites because there are so many amazing animal-themed cupcake recipes out there!!

Have a fabulous bank-holiday and rest of the week everybody!

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  1. Awww, the piggies are so cute!

    I wonder if you could somehow use Rafaello sweets for the polar bears? (The coconut covered ones that are by the makers of Forerro Rocher). I feel like they look similar to whatever the donut holes are.


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