The Musto Buckden Boot

It was my birthday a few weeks ago (yes I am a taurus, shocking) and I was EXTREMELY lucky and fortunate and happy and grateful to receive from my lovely fiancee, something I have wanted for years...The Musto Buckden Boot.

The reason I have never bought these beautiful works of art for myself is that they have always been a teensy bit out of my price range. Rick, however, being the wonderfully resourceful man that he is managed to find them at a sale price at The Sportsman Gun centre and bought them for me as a birthday surprise. Aren't I a lucky girl?

These boots are really durable and will last a life time if treated properly. They are very stylish and you wouldn't look out of place wearing them to the pub for a nice, hot lunch after a jaunt in the country.

We went out for a walk yesterday afternoon with Bosun to test out the new boots. I haven't worn them up to now because I've been waiting for the leather boot treatment to arrive that I'd ordered. I thought that if I'm going to have such nice boots, I'd better treat them properly!

The Musto Buckden Boot is not completely water proof which I'm fine with. It's designed to keep your feet dry when walking through long wet grass and in the don't go wading through streams in them. If I want to go rock pooling, I have my Muck boots for that!

I really love how grippy and rugged the soles are! I feel like I could tackle any kind of terrain in these boots. They are so comfortable and are lined with Goretex, making them extra warm.

 I learned from this walk and trying to choose some nice pictures to post of my new boots, that my hair is out of control. A lot of the pictures, Rick was there shouting at me to get my hair out the way. Charming,

I will admit The Buckden Boots have a serious case of new boot stiffness, but I have read that with a lot of wearing in, they become soft and supple. So...I will just have to wear them as often as I can! No problem!

On a side note, did you catch my May Scavenger Hunt that I posted last week? I would also just like to post a few links to some of the other bloggers that got involved because there were some fantastic photos from these ladies.

Make sure you take a look!

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