My Crazy Morning Routine

The morning routine!
Everybody has one. Some people's morning routines are definitely more hectic than others. For example if you have a child...or several children. I do not have a child...or children so I consider myself lucky at the moment to have quite a chilled out morning routine.
I don't know why, but I really enjoy reading about other peoples' morning routines. I think it's probably because I'm really nosey. I also really love seeing pictures of the inside of other peoples' homes. Anybody else like that?'s a minute by minute account of what generally happens in the morning in this little stone cottage in Northumberland.

06:30 - The alarm goes off and Rick gets up. He slowly pulls his clothes on and wonders about the bedroom trying to wake up, while I watch him from the folds of the duvet, still snuggly. He then goes down stairs and wakes Bosun up to take him out for his morning walk. I'm joking. Bosun's already awake (because he's heard Rick walking about upstairs) and is bouncing up and down ready for Rick to walk down the stairs. I then listen to *bang* *thump* "owww! calm down for gods sake!" for a few minutes, and then the back door opens and closes and I have another half an hour in bed. That's probably the most relaxing half an hour of the entire day. I love it.

07:00 - I spring cheerily from between the sheets and embrace the day. Ahem. There is no reluctant dragging involved. I open the curtains to flood the bedroom with light...and open the window if it's a nice day. I really love the house to smell of fresh air if possible so I like to leave a window open for a few hours. I then head to the bathroom and this is where it really gets exciting.

07:10 - I wash my face with Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel 150 ml in the bath. I used to use the sink, but I found that it really wasn't practical. Leaning over the bath leaves so much more elbow room for scrubbing, splashing and drying. Seriously, try it. I then moisturise using Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser . I am a big fan of moisturiser and get through a lot of it. In fact I'd say it is one of my most important cosmetic products. Being outside on a day to day basis means that my face gets an absolute hammering from the elements.

07:20 - I spend a really long time deliberating exactly what I should wear. I am a young, strong, independent woman and I want my style to reflect that while still saying that I like to look feminine if I want to. Pah! I jest. I mainly want to wear something that's not going to get snagged on barbed wire if I have to jump out the way of a herd of stampeding cattle. My go- to outfit is jeans, a check shirt and a gilet (see here). I have a lot of gilets...I'll show you my gilet collection some time.

07:30 - I leap into action and go down stairs to begin the day in earnest. I begin by emptying the dish-washer. I believe in having a clean slate to begin the day and if the dishwasher is already empty, then I can shove things in throughout the day. If there's laundry to do then I'll put on a load of laundry. It will be now, while the boys are out of the house that I'll do some of the day's chores. I sweep the kitchen floor (we gather a lot of dog hair!) and hoover the lounge if need-be.

07:45 - 08:00 - Rick and the little cherub will be home by now. It's usually me that feeds Bosun his breakfast at this point. He is fed raw (see here) so will get a range of different things such as minced chicken, lamb, venison, oily fish, beef and many other bits and pieces. I sometimes give him a raw egg with his food and sometimes some veggies like carrots or peas. It's all very good for him and his breakfast often looks more appetising than mine.

08:00 - I make my self a cup of tea (I have a mild tea addiction) and have breakfast. Sometimes I'll have granola and yogurt. Sometimes I'll have some avocado on toast. Sometimes I'll have a cinnamon bagel. Maybe I'll have bovril on crumpets. So many possibilities. I'll sit and watch the BBC breakfast news while I eat my breakfast. Sometimes I shout with outrage at some of the stories. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I laugh. I always get angry at how much football monopolises the news. I definitely think rugby should get more television time than it already does. I'm a big rugby fan...but that's a story for another time.

08:30 - I check my blog and respond to new comments, I'll do some social media-ing maybe posting some photos or tweeting some links to some blog posts I like. I spend a lot of time on pinterest because...well it's pinterest. I'll catch up on other blog posts and leave lots of nice friendly comments and basically just relax before my working day commences.

08:50 - I'll hang out the laundry and finish any chores that need doing, load breakfast stuff into the dishwasher, Bosun's food bowl etc. I'll wipe down the kitchen surfaces and the sink etc and that way I know I can nag Rick if he leaves anything out on the surface at lunch time.

09:00 - I will then go and brush my teeth and brush my hair. My hair brushing is a bit of an has a mind of it's own. It's rather long and thick and unruly and un tamable and terrifying and sort of full of the snakes of Medusa. I'll try and beat it into submission into a pony tail...but sometimes if I don't win then I just have to shove it into a generic bun, mess, lump.

09:15 - I don my warden's camo baseball cap, pull on my muck boots, put some snacks and a bottle of water in my rucksack and head off into the park for a day of checking on the cattle, taking care of the park and escorting visitors safely into the park and ensuring they don't get far as is possible.

I hope you nosey people enjoyed reading about my morning routine. I would love to read about some of your routines! Write a blog post and leave a link in the comments section.
I'm off to drink another cup of tea now.

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  1. Bovril on crumpets? How does that work? I'm sure Bovril used to be powder... have I been away from the UK that long?!

    I had to click the link to see what a gilet is. We always just used to call those bodywarmers.

    1. Haha! Bovril used to be a powder? Gosh that must have been a long time ago indeed! Bovril now comes in jars and is a thick gloopy liquid. It's delicious! I also have it on toast.
      And yes a body warmer is also an acceptable way to refer to a gilet.

  2. I love this! I really like being nosy about routines like this! I did a day in the life of me for a challenge about 2 years ago and mine sounded so much more chaotic and disorganised than yours!


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