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So I think that Spring has decided to stay here in Northumberland (touch wood!) and there are more signs appearing every day. The leaves are starting to appear on the trees in earnest, the wild flowers are blooming and there is nest building everywhere. Here's a few things that I've observed...

Wasps building a nest. I'm not afraid to say that I hate wasps. They terrify me and I feel like there's little use for them. However, I have been watching a few of these little critters building their nest just outside my work-hut during the day and I've actually found it quite interesting. The only reason I haven't objected to them nesting here is because the hut is being demolished in the not too distant future. Please excuse the fact that the picture has a somewhat green hue to it, the grass was reflecting onto the roof and I really couldn't figure out a way to stop it!

Here are some dead nettles. I absolutely love the different colours that you can observe from dead nettles. And of course they don't sting. Which is nice. Really good for butterflies and other insects. Here you can observe a common carder bee enjoying them.

Lesser stitchwort can usually be found in and around ancient woodland where you find bluebells. Beautiful dainty little flowers. We do have some jaw-dropping displays of bluebells here in Chillingham but they haven't reached their full glory yet.

And finally, some Germander Speedwell. I love these cheerful flowers. Beautiful colours. They tend to sprawl over grassy areas and have a hairy stem.

Excuse the poor quality of photos, Rick has been using his camera this week so I've been stuck with my phone! Boo!

What's happening where you are?

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