Finally Some Sunshine!

I didn't quite realise just how much I missed the sunshine until the sun finally came out! For weeks now we've been enduring gales, rain, clouds and all manner of horrible weathers. Yesterday, we had a fine crisp morning and I took full advantage with a beautiful long walk. It was still quite cold, which is nice. My favourite kind of morning.

We're still reeling from the effects of the gales that we've had over the past few months. I have literally lost count of how many trees have come down. Rick and I have been out in the woods with our chainsaws almost constantly trying to clear up the worst of it. Our main priority has been the trees over the footpaths that are posing a risk. There are still so many that we haven't been able to sort out! A travesty! But the plus side of all these wind blown trees is that we are not going to run out of firewood for the next few decades! Aside from clearing up the trees themselves, we've been repairing fences, bridges and gates that have been damaged by falling trees.

We enjoyed the sun while we could anyway, because today it was back to cloud and rain. And according to a certain blonde weather lady, it's going to rain some more over the weekend. Booo!
This is February! We are supposed to have cold, hard frosts and ankle biting snow! Gah!

My Happy in the sunshine face

So I will leave you with the sight of this home-made pizza that I made and am pretty proud of! Of course I made the dough from scratch, and the tomato sauce. Then on top, I put duck, red onion and cucumber all cooked in hoisin sauce. Yeah, it tasted as good as it looks.

Have you all been enjoying the weather? Anything to report?

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  1. Aaaah, lovely walk!!! So nice to see sunshine. We had a spate of visits to Hexham where the weather was awful every time so I can imagine your joy.
    Mmmmm, tasty pizza!!!Xx

  2. You should wear a Gopro as you go about your daily adventures!


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