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As you all know, I my name is Ellie Crossley and I am the Warden of the Chillingham Wild Cattle. I love the Cattle and I love my job. Over the past three years, the trustees have been working on the book Chillingham: It's Cattle, Castle and Church.
Well, it's finally here!!
The book tells all about the history of Chillingham Castle, the Wild Cattle and Chillingham Church. There are so many stories and articles in it from different experts. I can highly recommend it, as I devoured the whole thing in a day! A few of Rick's images have been used in it, and there is even a sneaky picture of me in there!

Now I will take this opportunity to shamelessly remind you all that I work for the Chillingham Wild Cattle Association which is a charity so all moneys raised from the sale of this book will go directly towards the welfare of the Chillingham Wild Cattle. So head on over and buy buy buy!!

This is my personal blog, it does not represent the views of the CWCA. This is not a sponsored post, I just really love the Cattle and want everybody else to aswell.

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  1. That's very cool they have made a book about them!

  2. That book sounds so interesting!

    Although my parents are both from Northumberland and I spent every holiday there as a child and then lived there from age 14 until I went to uni, I don't think I've ever seen the Chillingham cattle!

  3. Go Bevchen you won't regret the trip. I have also read the book(yes, the whole thing) and highly recommend it. It's not just about the cattle and I found the personal anecdotes from various Chillingham characters especially interesting.


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