Taken at the Flood By Agatha Christie

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“What a queer topsy turvy world it was. It used to be the man who went to the wars, the woman who stayed at home. But here the positions were reversed.”

Set just after the war, Taken at the Flood is another classic Poirot mystery. 
Gordon Cloade dies in an air raid during the war and is survived by his young attractive wife Rosaleen who inherits his vast fortune and estate. This leaves the rest of the Cloade clan in a predicament whereby they no longer have their means of financial support to which they are so used. Individually they all go to Rosaleen for financial help but most are turned down by Rosaleen's bulldog of a brother David Hunter who calls them all scroungers. However a spanner is thrown in the works when a stranger turns up in the village pub, claiming to know the whereabouts of Rosaleen's ex-husband Mr Underhay (previously thought to be dead). If it turned out her ex-husband was alive then it would make her marriage to Mr Cloade null and void and so the fortune would fall to the rest of the family. But in a bizarre and completely unexpected twist, the gentlemen is murdered in the room he's staying in. More and more peculiar events unfold. And just who is the woman in the orange scarf? And of course, whodunnit?

This book receives a lot of criticism (and I can sort of understand why) because one of the main characters Lyn Marchmont is supposed to be this fantastic strong, modern woman having just come out of the WRENS. She then decides to marry the man who attempts to strangle her in a fit of rage...I don't get it. Meh...Past era and all that.

Anyways, good book. Another classic from Christie.

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  1. Hi Ellie, I have added you to our Scavenger Photo hunt list! I am looking forward to seeing what you take :) I know and love the area you work in (and a little envious if the truth be told!)

    1. Thank you so much, I'm really excited for this scavenger hunt! It's such a good idea xx

  2. I haven't read this one. I always preferred Miss Marple. It sounds intriguing though :-)

    1. I haven't started on Miss Marple yet, I'll let you know which one I prefer when I do!


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